Jbox is a Java full-text search engine framework. Jbox is not a complete application, but rather a code library and API that can easily be used for constructing a search engineer.

There are many open source projects can be used to construct a search engineer, and most of them are very useful and power,but not easy to use and understand too.

The target of Jbox is, simpler and easier, so that any one who knows java can easily build a simple search engineer for one's personal application.

In general, to use the Jbox you will need to be able to write code in the Java programming language. Although some example programs are provided that may be useful as they stand, it's more than likely you will need (or want) to create your own search engineer or modify the ones provided to match your intended application.

Jbox contain 4 core parts: WebSpider, Cutter, IndexWriter, and Searcher. Its struct is like below:


More details about How to use Jbox, look at Quick Start.

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