Example of configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <webSpider class = "org.jbox.webSpider.simpleSpider.SimpleSpider">
    <!-- set which concrete WebSpider to use -->

        <!-- set how many pages the spider will crawl -->

        <!-- set urls which the spider will start with -->

            <property name = "URL">http://localhost/</property>


        <!-- set rules that the spider will abided -->

            <property name = "Rule">http://localhost.*</property>



        <cutter language="EN" class="org.jbox.textCutter.EN.SimpleENCutter">
        <!-- set which cutter to be put in cutterBox -->

            <property name = "UnicodeScope" start="0x0030" end="0x0039"/>
            <!-- set unicode scope by integer-->

            <property name = "UnicodeScope" start="0x0041" end="0x005a"/>

            <property name = "UnicodeScope" start="0x0061" end="0x007a"/>


        <cutter language="CJK" class="org.jbox.textCutter.CJK.SimpleCJKCutter">

            <property name = "UnicodeBlock">CJK_UNIFIED_IDEOGRAPHS</property>
            <!-- set unicode scope by UnicodeBlock-->



    <indexWriter class = "org.jbox.indexer.IndexWriterWithTFLOC">
    <!-- set which concrete IndexWriter to use -->

        <property name = "PageHome">org.jbox.dao.PageHomeByHibernate</property>
        <!-- set which concrete PageHome to use -->

        <property name = "WordHome">org.jbox.dao.WordHomeByHibernate</property>
        <!-- set which concrete WordHome to use -->

  <searcher class = "org.jbox.searcher.simpleSearcher.SimpleSearcher">
    <!-- set which concrete Searcher to use -->

        <property name = "PageHome">org.jbox.dao.PageHomeByHibernate</property>
        <property name = "WordHome">org.jbox.dao.WordHomeByHibernate</property>



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